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Dirt, algae, grime and mildew can build up over time on your house, driveway, fence, deck, patio, sidewalks and/or business-leaving them unsightly, potentially slippery and dangerous. Pressure washing and soft washing removes all of these build ups (grafitti, gum, and more), restoring surfaces to their original beauty and creating safe conditions to walk on again. Regular pressure washing or soft washing is a great way to maintain your home.

North Star Power Pressure Washing

Power Pressure Washing

This term is what most people think of when “pressure washing” comes up, and in most cases it is still the most effective cleaning technique. Our NEW equipment uses water with pressures up to 3,500 psi (pounds/square inch) to steam away even hard-to-remove grime and build up, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. This process is meant to only be used on hard surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks and
patios, etc.

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Soft Wash

A relatively new technique, Soft Washing utilizes commercial cleaning solvents and low pressure water washing to effectively clean surfaces
without damaging the material underneath. This is now the preferred cleaning method for houses, roofs, fences and decks. We use a special spray gun to apply proprietary cleaning solutions to your house or roof-without pressure. The solution “works” on the algae, mildew and grime-then it is gently washed away, leaving you with surfaces that look like new.

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Pressure washing with hot water is a great
way to clean concrete (especially driveways) to remove oil stains, tire marks, ground in dirt and other hard-to-remove stains. Not everyone offers hot-water pressure washing, but when the application calls for it, it can be the most effective cleaning technique.